The sole of our TIGER EFFECTS reusable shoe covers are made of special fabric coated with formulated rubber. The sole has bumpy texture and rounded bumps in such a pattern that make use you get a good grip.  This sole fabric is highly abrasion resistant, scuff proof and has a strong grip and can be used either on wet or dry surface.  We use the same rubber material which is used in manufacturing of jet ski seats, luggage patches and in marine use.  We designed the uppers of our reusable shoe covers with quality polyester fabric.

TIGER EFFECTS shoe covers are machine washable and can be used many times, compared to disposable plastic shoe covers. Our reusable shoe covers has great Eco-friendly advantage over disposable shoe which takes 10-20 years  to decompose. In short we are helping our environment, saving you money by and reusing the same shoe covers over and over again.

TIGER EFFECTS shoe covers are designed to protect the floor in office, homes from dirty shoe tracking, population and bacteria.  It also helps to protect your shoes from dirt when you are at work.

TIGER EFFECTS shoe covers are especially designed for Service Man & contractors. They are great to use by home inspector, plumbers, carpet cleaners, real estate professional, pest services, house maids, cable and internet companies and glass cleaners. TIGER EFFECTS shoe covers are designed to satisfy different segment needs and this shows we care and respect our customers. TIGER EFFECTS shoe covers are Eco-Friendly alternative to disposable shoe covers and cost Friendly. They are perfect fit for homeowners and they also make a great gift for family and peers!

Get rid of disposable shoe covers and help make environment healthy.

Satisfy customers and get more referrals.

Protect your shoes & your home and office.

TIGER EFFECTS  Shoe Covers Are Available In Two Different Styles

Personalized Booties Shoe Covers

It includes all standard features. The personalized  style shoes allows embroidery such as company name, logo and message. It serves as an effective branding and promotional tool. That says be innovative and different.

Standard Booties Shoe Covers

The unique features of standard booties shoe covers are water resistant, slip resistant, machine washable, durable and it last to 9 to 12 months on average.

Get Your Reusable Shoe Covers And Protect Your Environment.

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